iTECS is an independent family enterprise with 16 years of experience in the information and communication technology market (ICT). We successfully concentrate on passive cabling solutions for communication networks (layer 1). Thanks to our copper and fiber optic products of outstanding quality and our commitment to customers and their requirements we have acquired an enviable reputation. Today, ITECS sets standards in modularity, quality and ease of installation and maintenance. We have worked our way to the market-leading position in Netherland and are growing internationally. The company now has subsidiaries in 8 countries and a global network of qualified distributing Partner. We are committed to innovative solutions and invest nearly 10% of our turnover in research and development every year. With great success! Today, 35% of our turnover is achieved with products less than 3 years old. A remarkable feature of ITECS is a profound experience and competence in connecting and distributive technology for copper and fiber optic networks. We supply convincing cabling solutions to the segment of enterprise cabling on the basis of these technologies, while active in the growing markets of residential and industrial cabling, too. There’s general 15 years warranty for all products published in this catalog (except all active components).

Your Benefits

As a Dutch Company and international leader in quality, iTECS combines uncompromising product excellence with:
• consultancy and support 
• perfectly tuned solutions 
• logistic services 
• customer focus